It’s always nice to return home to England once in a while to re-sync my so called British-ness and remind myself what I’m missing out on: drink some tea (with milk), dunk some hob-nobs and scones, lather some marmite on toast, sup a real ale and generally soak in the ambiance – rain and wind blowing incessantly – and after a couple of days remind myself how rather crap Britain really is.

Having resided near Portsmouth for most of my life this is usually one of the first pit stops when returning home to really align any thoughts why I left it all behind in the first place; to neutralise any lingering doubt.

First feelings when stepping into the carnage: a town full of apathetic, dumbed-down, cultureless zombies.

Visiting Commercial road – the shopping epicentre – where gawking, mindless imbeciles gather in their hoards hunting cheap, knocked-down tat. Girls – bulging and heavy set –  clad in clothing 2 sizes two small strut languidly, arms crammed full of designer goods, caked in makeup resembling a comic book clown and radiating a nuclearised orange glow of tangerine; fake eyelashes protruding to their noses and an accent so devoid of any class – heavy in ‘Pomp’ey slang’, that a shudder rips through my innards whenever within earshot.

Their haggard parents traipse behind aimlessly – eyes sunk deep, a tiredness etched on their faces resembling that of a pummelled corpse – whilst their children blurt out another barrage of demands for more worthless possessions and the parents relent. The soul and sheer lifeforce sucked from them, knowing nothing can be done to escape the endless consumption. The clouds converge, a dark, grey shadpw looms over the stark city where the sight of the people and the 80’s monolithic, craggy architecture create a sight of apoplectic proportions.

Watching these packs of buzzards gorging on the corporate machinations and battling natural forces to continue their shopping sprees whilst the wheels of consumerism churn makes you stop and think – there really is no hope for humanity – and it’s not just in England, it’s just a helluva lot more visible.

Which brings me onto Brexit….absolutely tiring codswollop…however, here’s my point, I go home to Poland knowing that the country is developing, integrating and starting to accept their European neighbours, regardless of the government’s motives. Portsmouth, more notably, and other cities  are already secular and uninviting…. how much worse will it get in a few years?

Orignally publised – August 10th 2017