End of year party / Sports day

5 hours
All levels
0 lessons
0 quizzes
25 students

Friday 16th June 4pm in Quaderno Garden.

Having spent far too many years in Poland my fondness and nostagia for a British sports day has been brewing for a long time; so come join in the events, have some fun, bring the kids, have a chat, grab a bite, LISTEN TO NEWAN’S MUSICAL SKILLS!, and hopefully soak in the rays and raise a glass to a somewhat difficult year in Quaderno. But thanks to you, we’ve made it to the end.

I’ll see you on the race track. Alex

The Rules

All events are separated into four age categories: 7-10 year olds, 11-14 year olds, 14-16 year olds, and 17 – Adults. Every race you enter you ąre given a lottery ticket for the raffle. The more events you enter the more chance you have of winning!

If you do not want to enter then a small fee of 5zl will gain you entrance to the lottery.

The events

4.30pm: Egg and spoon race – Carry a raw egg 50 metres without breaking it, first across the line wins!

5.00pm: Sack race – You guessed it, jump in a sack 50 metres.

5.30pm: Wheel Barrow race – One team member is on their hands with their legs carried by their partner.

6.00pm: Three-legged-horse race – Both team members have one leg tied together and race 50metres.

6.30pm: BBQ and small talk

7.30 Sing along with our teachers Newan and John!

Lotto Prizes

Half a semester free of charge to any group class for yourself, friend or family, a week of Połkolonia for yourself, friend or family from July, empik vouchers, booze, gifts, toys and goodies!

Trophies and medals awarded for winners of events.

When signing up please leave the name of events entering, student’s name and age!!